During the first two weeks in July, we run a very successful Summer Program for our young people, like we do every year. We had plenty to offer to our young troopers ans were ready for good and bad weather. We were as lucky as one can be, given we have to be conscious of unpredictable Scottish Summer weather.

During the two weeks the young people enjoyed a visit to the Glasgow Science Centre and had loads of fun during our Sport and Games days with professional coaches co-ordinating the activities.

Our days were also filled with dancing that was co-ordinated by a professional dance tutor and with music sessions delivered by Drake music. We also organized hydrotherapy, aroma therapy and massage during the summer programme so that the young people have a real good variety of activities to choose from.

We also visited People’s Palace and Sumerlee Museum and went cycling in Glasgow green one day as well as going to the cinema to see the new Ice Age film which we really enjoyed very much.

Bring on the Summer 2017!