The DASH club was set up on 18 February 1999 to provide after school activities for secondary aged young people with complex special needs. The organisation is a private limited company with charitable status – charity number SC03192

Our History

The DASH (Disability After School  Holiday) Club previously known as Milton Kids DASH Club was constituted in 1999 to promote the welfare of the pupils of Milton School – a school for young people (11-18 years) with complex needs (sensory, physical and learning). The DASH Club is an incorporated association constitured on 23 October 2010 – a company number SC387578 and holds charitable status – charity number – SC031921.

The concept of the Club arose from a need for social activities for young people. It was an ongoing concern for parents / guardians that at the end of the school day, there was no suitable facilities that their teenage sons and daughters could access. This isolation was not being addresssed by an statutory bodies.

What We Do

The Dash Club runs 3 after school sessions per week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays during school term. At the end of each session, the young people are escorted home by trained DASH Club staff in local community transport provided by NATA (North Area Transport Association) and Community Central Halls. We also run holiday programmes during Easter and Summer when funding is available.

Our Staff

A trained workforce is crucial for the safety, development and success of any organisation, and we at the Club have a strong commitment to both on and off the job training. Staff members receive training in Child Protection, First Aid, Moving & Handling, Administration of Emergency Medication, and Autism Awareness.  Experienced staff are trained in Crisis Aggression Limitation Management (CALM) and re-accredited every year.

Annual Financial Reports

DASH Club Annual Report 23/23
DASH Club Annual Report 21/22
DASH Club Annual Report 20/21
DASH Club Annual Report 19/20
DASH Club Annual Report 18/19
DASH Club Annual Report 17/18