We are delighted Better Breaks awarded us funding to provide the opportunity for a group of young adults aged 18-20 with additional needs to enjoy a “night out” with friends supported by trained staff. The activity will be age relevant and in the evening. This pilot scheme is initially for a small group of former pupils and friends, the activities will be decided and paid for by the young adults.

If this pilot scheme proves a success, we will seek more funding to enable us to expand it with more night out throughout the week and weekend.

The first night out was on Tuesday 27 October 2015 where our young adults enjoyed 10 pin bowling at Springfield Quay. They decide at the end of each night what they would like to do the following week. 10 pin bowling has proved very popular with our young adults as their competitive nature is released.

On Tuesday 1 December 2015, the young adults enjoyed the sing along fun filled Santa Claus is coming to town panto at the Pavillion Theatre!